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Chateau du Rouet Provence Rosé


Provence Rosé

Chateau du Rouet Provence Rosé

Fellow wine lovers, upon the hillsides of the Esterel Mountains in the South of France, Chateau du Rouet grows grapes for an all time classic Provence rosé. Founded in 1888, for six generations Chateau du Rouet has been here, near an ancient roman city at the edges of a red-rocked volcano.

Chateau du Rouet 2016 Provence Rosé $14.99

On a beautiful warm day, the rosés of Provence are the perhaps the standard for all sun-chasers and backyard grillers, and Chateau Rouet is a favorite among them. Their rosé is a blend of 60% Grenache, 20% Syrah, and 20% Cinsault. It displays a delicate salmon color in the glass, with a nose of cherry blossoms, rose petals, and crunchy rocks. The palate is beautifully crisp, with medium body, and offers notes of lemon zest, strawberries, and raspberries. The Route rosé comes in an elegant hourglass shaped bottle- a signature of the Provence region.

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Chateau du Rouet Rosé

Chateau du Rouet Rosé

 Region: Provence, South of France

Grape(s): 60% Grenache, 20% Syrah, and 20% Cinsault

Drinkability: Now through the end of the year

Body: Medium

Drink This if you Like: Miraval, Provence Rosé

Food Pairing: Copper River Salmon, Grilled Veggies



Kevin White Yakima Valley Red Blend

Kevin White Impulse

Kevin White 2015 Yakima Valley Red Wine

Fellow wine lovers, a blockbuster wine from last year is back its second vintage today. Kevin White’s wines have been an Impulse favorite since we first featured them a few years ago, and last year he came out with a new wine, a declassified red made in the same style as his flagship Rhone style wines. The new vintage was just release and has already sold out on his website, disappearing in a flash, but we are lucky enough to have a bit to feature on Impulse today.

Kevin White 2015 Yakima Valley Red Wine $17.99

 If you like Rhone style reds from Washington State, Kevin White’s are not to be missed. This one in particular will be gone in a hurry, as there is so little of it made and the value is tremendous. It’s made using the same fruit from the same vineyards as is earth shattering La Fraternité and En Hommage wines, with Kevin assembling those two blends first, then everything else that’s still worthy goes into this Red Wine.

Simply put, the wine is really good! It’s beautiful, smooth, and spicy. It’s soft and medium bodied on the palate, very easy drinking, and ready now with the ability to lay down for a few years. It has a lovely nose of delicate red berries, with hints of pepper, herb, and rose petals. There are flavors of strawberry, cherry, and raspberry. A perfect every day drinker.

Kevin White Red Wine

Kevin White Winery Red Wine

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 Region: Yakima Valley

Grape(s): 44% Syrah, 31% Grenache, 25% Mourvedre

Drinkability: Now through 2021

Body: Medium

Alcohol: 14.9% by volume

Drink This if you Like: La Fraternité, En Hommage, W.T. Vintners, Savage Grace,

Food Pairing: Lamb Chops

Production: 466 cases


Kevin White 2014 Red Wine

Kevin White Impulse

Kevin White 2014 Red Wine, Yakima Valley, WA

Fellow wine lovers, Kevin White Winery is on fire! White hot, if you will… Last year Kevin White was named “Winemaker to Watch” by Seattle Magazine’s Washington Wine Awards, and for those of you who have ordered his wine from me in the past, you have already discovered why. He’s just now launching a brand new Red Wine, and for only $17.99 – as if his previous wines were not already a killer deal, at around or under $30. His main line of wines are so small in production that you’ll recall we’ve typically only had 1 or 2 cases to offer on Impulse. Today’s new Red Wine is still only produced in finite quantity, 388 cases, but at least we’re able to get enough to let everyone stock up on this perfect everyday drinker

Kevin White Winery 2014 Red Wine $17.99

Seattle Magazine referred to his wines as being, “remarkable for their purity and freshness,” and called Kevin White himself a, “winemaker on the ascendancy”. This is undoubtedly a winery on the rise, but for now Kevin White is operating at a near microscopic production level. He makes so little wine, that it’s hard to find any around town. If you’ve had Kevin White’s other wines, you know his style to be delicate and very smooth, and this Red Wine is right in line with that. It showcases beautiful, clean, bright fruit, with hints of spice, and very little oak. It’s a blend of 54% Syrah, 23% Grenache, and 23% Mourvèdre, aged for 16 months in only 10% new French oak barrels.

It’s medium bodied, well balanced, and very easy drinking. Packed with plenty of complexity, especially considering the price, and is also very food friendly. The nose is full of bright berry notes and hints of tobacco. The palate shows blueberries, black plums, vanilla bean, a bit of cigar box, and preserved bing cherry. If you prefer your wines to not be heavy, with little to no oak, and no aggressive tannins, you’ll certainly love the Kevin White Red Wine.

Kevin White 2014 Red Wine

Kevin White Winery 2014 Red Wine

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Region: Yakima Valley AVA, Washington State Wine
Grape(s): 54% Syrah, 23% Grenache, and 23% Mourvèdre
Aging: 16 Months in 10% New French Oak Barrels
Drinkability: Now through 2020
Body: Medium
Alcohol: 14.5% by volume
Drink This if you Like: Côtes du Rhône, Perrin Family Wines, En Hommage, La Fraternité
Press: Kevin White name “Winemaker to Watch” by Seattle Magazine
Food Pairings: Very versatile, Duck, Red Meat, Grilled or Roasted Veg
Production: 388 cases



Les Trouvés Red Wine

Trove Impulse

Les Trouvés 2013 Red Wine by Avennia

Fellow wine lovers, the wine industry has a-buzz this week with everyone raving about a brand new offshoot label by the good people of Avennia Winery – winemaker Chris Peterson and business partner Marty Taucher. They’re introducing a completely new set of wines called “Les Trouvés”, named for a French expression meaning found or discovered. They’ve been giving some some sneak previews of the wines, ahead of its official release, and we are among the first to have the pleasure of trying it.

Les Trouvés (by Avennia) 2013 Red Wine $24.99

The idea with this new wine is to keep things simple and easy drinking, modeling it after the wines of Southern France, specifically Provence. There, the the warm Mediterranean climate (not unlike our current climate here in Seattle) calls for a more refreshing style of red, with less oak and a more relaxed disposition. This is a traditional Provencal style blend of Mourvedre, Grenache and Syrah, about half of which comes from declassified Avennia juice, while the rest is source by Chris Peterson, négociant style, from the Rocks in Walla Walla, Red Mountain, and the Horse Heaven Hills.

It’s a completely different style than what we’ve seen from Chris Peterson in his Avennia and Passing Time wines, but still holds the same high standards in quality and value. The nose is aromatic with hints of flowers, juicy red fruits, and a touch of bubblegum-like character. The palate is easy, medium-bodied, and holds flavors of brandied cherries and herbes de Provence, backed by a bit of meaty gamey quality and hints of lavender. This is a perfect wine to enjoy at a bistro in Provence, or in the comfort of your own patio on a beautiful day.

Les Trouvés 2013 Red Wine

Les Trouvés 2013 Red Wine

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Region: Columbia Valley, Washington State
Grapes: Mourvedre, Grenache and Syrah
Drinkability: Now through 2018
Body: Medium
Alcohol: 14.5% by volume
Drink This if you Like: Southern Rhone, Provence, Côtes du Rhône
Press: Seattle Metropolitan Magazine Weekly Wine Pick by Sean Sullivan
Food Pairings: Antipasti on the patio
Production: 400 cases



Brangelina Impulse

Chateau Miraval Provence Rosé by Brangelina (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie)


Fellow wine lovers, as wine becomes ever more popular, we’re seeing an influx of celebrities who are lending their famous names towards launching their own brand of wine, often resulting in something overpriced and mass-produced. So when I heard that Hollywood power-couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, known in the entertainment world simply as “Brangelina”, were to debut a label of their own, I approached it with a healthy sense of skepticism. In fact, I dismissed the notion entirely. It wasn’t until I chanced to try the wine for myself, that I was unexpectedly surprised… the wine is good, REALLY good! 

As the L.A. Times put it, “it’s not another crappy celebrity wine” – only problem, once I started to show interest in the wine, everyone told me it would be impossible to get a hold of it, that it was sold out long before it even hit the market, so I never even tried. I figured it was all snatched up by A-list Hollywood types. It wasn’t until a good friend expressed interest that I thought I might try my hand at securing a few bottles, and told him that if could somehow get it, I’d make it the next feature on Impulse

Miraval 2013 Côtes de Provence Rosé $24.99 (Normally $28) 

Chateau MIraval has a storied history, serving as the recording studio for Pink Floyd’s 1979 album “The Wall” and hosting other musicians such as Sting, The Cranberries, and Sade throughout the years. In 2008 Brad and Angelina acquired the estate as their summer home in the South of France, with an eye towards using the property to eventually launch their own wine label. 

Brangelina has teamed up with one of the most recognizable names in Southern French wine, Marc Perrin and the Perrin Family of Châteauneuf-du-Pape fame, makers of the world renowned Beaucastel as well as Tablas Creek Vineyard in California. Together, they’re planting vineyards, experimenting with different grape varieties, and turning out world class wines. 

Last year the Miraval Rosé earned a place of honor among Wine Spectator’s Top 100 wines of 2013. This year Decanter Magazine rates it 91 points and calls it “mouthwatering.” 

A beautiful shade of light pink in color, the nose is fresh with vibrant orange blossoms and strawberries. The palate is richer and fuller than most other rosés I’ve had recently, with notes of tangerine zest, freshly muddled strawberries, flower petals, and a mineral salinity that comes from Mediterranean climates like the South of France. The Miraval is the most complex Rosé I’ve tasted all year, with a comparably long finish that’s dry and creamy. 

It comes in a very stylish bottle, based on the traditional Provencal style, and we may also have a few magnums (1.5L) available, if you’re interested in those, please email me. 

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Region: Côtes de Provence AOC, France Miraval Provence Rosé by Brangelina
Vineyard: Estate Vineyards 
Grapes: Cinsault, Grenache, Syrah, and Rolle 
Aging: 95% stainless steel and in 5% oak barrels with batonnage. 
Drinkability: Now-2017 
Body: Medium 
Alcohol: 13% by volume 
Drink This if you LIke: 
Press: 91 Points from Decanter Magazine 
Food Pairings: Sushi, Nigiri, Sashimi, Salmon Carpaccio 



Fraternal Impulse: Kevin White “La Fraternité ” and “En Hommage”

Fellow wine lovers, I’m really excited to finally offer a wine which I didn’t get the chance to feature this time last year. That’s because the wines ofKevin White Winery are so small in production, and so well received, that we can hardly get any. Last year I was able to get my hands on a whopping 6 bottles, and they were snatched up before I could even offer them on Impulse. This year, we are able to land just 12 bottles each of two different wines, and I’m betting they won’t last long either. 

The tale of Kevin White is boy-meets-wine story of a 20-something guy who moved to Seattle to take a job with Microsoft. He quickly discovered the wonders of Washington Wine and was hooked, deciding to enroll in winemaking classes at South Seattle Community College, then working for industry veterans like Chris Sparkman (Sparkman Cellars) and Jon Meuret (Maison Bleue Winery). Fast forward, and Kevin has matured into one of Washington’s most talked about new winemakers, with his previous vintage of wines scoring 93 and 94 points in Wine Enthusiast Magazine, one of them making it on to the Top 100 Wines of the Year list. Ratings for this year’s crop have yet to be published, but everyone is anticipating big numbers for Kevin White once again. 

Kevin White 2012 La Fraternité Grenache Blend $27.99 

I’m privileged to meet up with Kevin in his home where he’s kind enough to open up a bottle each of his newly released wines. What I think will be a quick in and out tasting, rapidly escalates into me asking to re-taste and then re-re-taste everything. After just the first few sips, it’s obvious to me that these stunning wines have hardly begun to show their full potential. After a few hours of tasting and chatting, I’m completely enamored, these wines are glorious! I like these 2012’s even more than Kevin’s previous vintage, and I didn’t think that was possible. 

La Fraternité is a blend of 41% Grenache, 40% Mourvedré, and 19% Syrah; in the style of a traditional Châteauneuf-du-Pape. The nose is slightly perfumed with rose petals, dried strawberries, and liquorice. The palate is smooth and soft, yet rich and textured, due to the additional lees stirring it undergoes while aging in 100% neutral French Burgundy barrels for 10 months. It holds flavors of spicy white pepper and roasted strawberries up front, hints of paprika and kalamata olives in the middle, finishing with the sweet essence of roasted sage. 

This “La Fraternité” is named so in honor of the fraternity and community of winemakers who took Kevin under their wing and didn’t hold back to teach him the skills he would need to realize his goals as a vintner. He made only 290 cases, and we are only able to offer 12 bottles on Impulse today. 

Click here to order the Kevin White La Fraternité Grenache Blend 

Region: Yakima Valley 
Vineyard: Upland, Olsen, and Wallula Vineyards 
Grape: 41% Grenache 40% Mourvedré 19% Syrah 
Aging: 100% neutral French oak for 10 months with stirred lees 
Drinkability: Now through 2020, decanting recommended 
Body: Medium 
Food Pairings: Merguez, braised lamb, cured meats 
Production: 290 cases 
Availability: 12 bottles 

Kevin White 2012 En Hommage Syrah $27.99 

En Hommage, named so by Kevin as a tribute to the winemakers who came before, both here in Washington and in the Rhone Valley of France. This is a blend 82% Syrah from Wallula and Olsen Vineyards, 15% Grenache from Upland Vineyard, 3% Mourvedré from Olsen Vineyard. 

It’s a bit fuller bodied than the La Fraternité, given that this is dominated by Syrah and sees 15% new French oak for 11 months. The nose is slightly darker in nature as well, with blueberries, violets, and hints of smoke. The palate starts with crushed black pepper at the tip of your tongue and moves in a meaty mid-palate with more berries, showing a slight hint of vanilla, then finishes with lip smacking acidity, smoked black olives and a light toastiness. 

Kevin made only 175 cases of the En Hommage, and we have a meager 12 bottles to offer on Impulse. 

Click here to order the Kevin White En Hommage Syrah 

Region: Columbia Valley 
Vineyard: Wallula, Upland, and Olsen Vineyards 
Grape: 82% Syrah 15% Grenache 3% Mourvedré 
Aging: 15% new french oak, 11 months burgundy barrels 
Drinkability: Now through 2020, decanting recommended 
Body: Medium-Full 
Food Pairings: Smoke meats, beef stew, grilled vegetables 
Production: 175 cases 
Availability: 12 bottles 

Graceful Impulse: Savage Grace Cab & Syrah/Grenache Blend

Fellow Wine Lovers, last October I was very pleased to offer you the wines of Savage Grace, named so for their balance of the savage, rustic, old world qualities of wines, alongside the graceful, beautiful, pretty qualities. I knew then that they would soon find their way to the front lines of highly sought after Washington wines, and one of our goals with Impulse Wine is to be ahead of the curve, finding the wines everyone will want tomorrow, and offer them to you today. Recently I was excited to see an article from Seattle Magazine featuring their favorite new Washington wines, listed among them some Impulse Wine favorites such as Upchurch Vineyard, Sonoris Winery, and yes, Savage Grace. Just so happens, I was getting geared up to offer you some of their newest wines, this time a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Syrah/Grenache blend.

This offer comes with a 10% case discount, mixed case or otherwise.

Savage Grace 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon $27.99

There’s something about this Cabernet Sauvignon that’s truly unlike any other I’ve had from Washington State; I find it so light and graceful, I would have sworn it came from Bordeaux, France. For those who enjoyed the Cabernet Franc featured on Impulse in October, I know you’ll love this Cabernet Sauvignon.

Sourced mostly from Dineen Vineyard in the Yakima Valley, this relatively cooler sight gives rise to a Cab loaded sweet and savory herbs such as sage, oregano, and rosemary. With 25% of the fruit coming from the relatively warmer Ambassador Vineyard on Red Mountain, which contributes to an undertone of ripe black raspberries and red currants.

Definitely dominated by aromas and flavors other than fruit, this is something lovers of Bordeaux and Chinon (Loire Valley Cabernet Franc) will really enjoy, very smooth, and fairly medium bodied for a Cab. It’s aged using less new oak but with longer aging in barrels (24 months in 25% new barrels) to make for more nuanced complexity that’s not dominated by heavy woody flavors. It brings out the Savage in the wine with hints of wild berry vines and bramble, an innate smokiness and hints of black cherries.

Michael Savage made just 50 cases of this Cabernet Sauvignon, and we’re really pleased to be able to offer 4 of those cases on Impulse. First come first serve.

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Region: Yakima Valley, Washington State
Vineyards: 75% Dineen Vineyard, 25% Ambassador Vineyard
Grape: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon
Aging: 24 months in French oak barrel, 25% new
Drinkability: Now – 2020
Body: Medium
Food Pairings: Prime Rib, meatloaf
Production: 50 cases
Availability: 4 cases

Savage Grace 2012 Syrah/Grenache Blend $26.99

There’s no going back, the secret is out that Washington is making truly world class Syrah and Grenache, and blends thereof. True to form, this Savage Grace blend is smooth but with an inkling of rusticity. It combines the smokiness of Syrah from Ambassador Vineyard on Red Mountain, the pretty floral essence of Grenache from Den Hoed Vineyard in the Horse Heaven Hill, and the earthiness of Syrah sourced from Stillwater Creek Vineyard in the Frenchman Hills or the Columbia Valley.

A nose of violets and lightly candied cherries gives way to a medium bodied palate with flavors of blueberries, cracked green peppercorn, and fruit leathers, rounded out with medium acidity. It’s aged for 11 months in all neutral oak barrels, so there’s no heavy oaky notes, and it’s great with food.

Michael Savage made only 75 cases of this Syrah/Grenache blend, and we’re excited for the opportunity to offer 4 of those cases, first come first serve.

Click here to order the Savage Grace Syrah/Grenache

Region: Columbia Valley
Vineyard: Den Hoed, Ambassador, Stillwater Creek
Grape: 65% Syrah 35% Grenache
Aging: 11 months in neutral oak barrels
Drinkability: Now – 2019
Body: Medium
Food Pairings: Wild Boar Ragu, braised meats
Production: 75 cases
Availability: 4 cases