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And Why Am I Mr Pink Mr Pink Rosé

Mr Pink Impulse

And Why Am I Mr Pink Mr Pink Rosé by Underground Wine Project

Fellow wine lovers, it’s back! Last year’s most popular debuting Rosé is back for its second vintage, and they tell me it will sell out just as quickly as it did the last time. It’s the “And Why am I Mr. Pink” Rosé, by Underground Wine Project – A Collaboration between Mark Ryan Winery and Sleight of Hand Cellars, so you know it comes from good stock. I know it’s a bit tricky, because you might be looking outside and thinking it’s not yet time for Rosé, but Rosé releases are coming earlier each year to allow early birds to jump on them. Last year, a lot of people were asking for this wine into the height of summer, and it was long gone by that time, so I recommend stocking up on your year’s supply now while it’s still available.

And Why am I Mr. Pink 2016 Rosé of Sangiovese $11.99

It’s very much so on par with the previous vintage. Bright and fruity, with just a hint of sweetness. The nose has the essence of orange blossoms and nectarines, while the palate shows flavors of watermelon, grapefruit, and strawberry yogurt. It’s bright and refreshing, making your mouth water just a bit. Spring is just around the corner, and we’ll all be very happy to have this one stashed away when the seasons change.

Underground Wine Project 2016 "And Why am I Mr Pink" Rosé

Underground Wine Project 2016 “And Why am I Mr Pink” Rosé

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Region: Columbia Valley

Grape(s): 100% Sangiovese

Aging: 4 Months in Stainless Steel

Drinkability: Now through 2017

Body: Medium-Full for a Rosé

Alcohol: 12.5% by volume

Drink This if you Like: Julia’s Dazzle

Food Pairing: Oysters, Prawns, Salmon



Avignonesi Vino Nobile

Noble Impulse

Avignonesi 2013 Vino Noblie di Montepulciano

Fellow wine lovers, another flash sale today, with a Sangiovese at 30% off. As with before, please have orders in by midnight tonight. Please note, there isn’t enough time for me to guarantee delivery of this wine before Christmas,
The Avignonesi Montepulciano get 91 points from Wine Spectator Magazine. It’s sourced from Avignonesi’s own estate vineyards in Tuscany Italy, where their vines are as old as old as 40 years. It’s comprised of 100% Sangiovese grapes, aged a total of 18 months, 12 months in French oak barrels, followed by 6 months in Slovenian oak barrels. Similar to a Chianti, the wine shows notes of dried red cherries, hints of tomato vines, oregano and spice, with a bit leather and tobacco, finishing on a bright acidic note.

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Region: Vino Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG, Tuscany, Italy

Vineyards: Avignonesi Estate Vineyards
Grape(s): 100% Sangiovese
Aging: 12 Months in French Oak Barrels Followed by 6 Months in Slovenian Oak Barrels
Body: Medium
Alcohol: 14% by volume
Drink This if you Like: Chianti
Press: 91 Points from Wine Spectator
Food Pairing: Roasts, Cassoulets, Tomato Sauce



Epic Impulse

Longshadows Vintners Beers, by Epic Ales

Fellow wine lovers, it’s a long standing fact that deep in the heart of any wine lover, beats the pulse of a beer lover as well. Much of what we like about wine, is also true of beer; its flavors, its handcrafted nature, its place in history. Today we have one more reason every wine lover can enjoy a good brew, rather we have three. 

Longshadows Vintners has joined forces with Epic Ales of South Seattle to bring you a crossing of wine and beer by providing Master Brewer Cody Morris with juice from three of their wines, to be incorporated into the recipes for three very unique Ales. A self proclaimed Mad Man, Cody Morris believes that, “The possibilities for what a beer can be are only bound by your imagination”, and he exemplifies this belief in these three outstanding beers. As far as I know, the only place these Ales have been available is through the Longshadows tasting room where they went for $12 per bottle, and I got the last 12 bottles of each from them so that I might offer them to you, on Impulse, as a 3-PACK, which includes 1 of each beer in larger 22oz (650mL) bottles.

3-PACK of Epic Ales made using juice from Longshadows wines $33.99

Longshadows Beer, Epic Ales 

Sour Ale made with Riesling Juice of 2013 Poets Leap 

The lighter more refreshing brew of the three, it’s made with Pilsner Malt from Canada and Hops from Yakima, while hinting at a Hefeweizen-like cloudy turbidity. The addition of Riesling juice – from the Longshadows 2013 Poets Leap – gives it classic characteristics of meyer lemon, mineral, and orange blossom, while its Sour Ale base which is fermented using a yeast called brettanomyces has a signature sour touch with notes of banana bread and hints of toasted grain. It’s bottle conditioned, meaning it can be aged for a year or two to gain complexity, and will likely have sediment develop in the bottom. In many ways, it reminds me of Champagne, or even well made Normandy Cider (French Apple Cider), and comes in at 5% alcohol by volume in a 22oz bottle. Great with oysters and soft aged cheeses. 

British Style Ale made with Sangiovese Juice of 2013 Saggi 

Made with British and American malt, hops from Yakima, a dose of Sangiovese juice from the Longshadows 2013 Saggi, and brewed with a classic British Ale yeast. Showing notes of dried figs and caramelized dates, with toffee and dehydrated apricots, while flavors of raspberries and spice come through from the Sangiovese. Best at 42-49 degree Fahrenheit, drink it now and through the next 2 years, as it develops nutty sherry-like qualities with age. Medium bodied, and a good match for cured meats, and hard aged cheeses. This one is at 7.5% alcohol by volume, in a 22oz bottle. 

Belgian Abbey Style made with Syrah Juice of 2013 Sequel 

This Abbey style Ale is the product of both domestic and imported malts, along with domestic hops, with the addition of Syrah juice from the Longshadows 2013 Sequel. Fermented with a classic Belgian yeast strain, it’s fairly full bodied for a beer with notes grapefruit, orange peel, tart cherries, and a black pepper finish. Best between 42 and 48 degrees Fahrenheit, and will drink well for the next 2 years; a great pairing with grilled meats, dried fruit, and ripe cheeses. It’s 8.5% alcohol by volume and comes in a 22oz bottle.

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